HELLO, I'm Glenn!
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You've reached our online MOTION+FORM Gallery. The gallery is a resource of images from surface anatomy, postures, exercises, and more. They can be licensed for Personal or Commercial use.

Can't find the image your looking for? Contact me about your project. My background includes photography, digital art, and short video clips. I'm also a physical therapist, a runner, and a holistic wellness and fitness enthusiast.

Our new skill set includes filming runners who want to self-analyze their running form. This is a straight video shoot at normal speed, and edited to 50% and 75% slow motion. No complicated software needed. This is great for beginners to the more advanced runners who want to fine tune their form. Videos are made available online with options to share and post comments. Check this link for a sampler.

So what are you waiting for? Let us know about your next project.

Thank you for visiting. Good day!

Glenn Divinagracia
tel: (240) 818 9485

We are located in Hagerstown, Maryland.

Digital Art, Photo, Self-Video Analysis